683 E. Cary Towne Blvd.
Cary, NC  27511
(across from the Cary Towne Mall)

Welcome to our Cary School

Our Cary school was established in 1991 at its current location, 683 E. Cary Towne Blvd. The school is a medium sized martial arts facility. This school has a dynamic atmosphere with many extra curricular activities. The instructors at this location are continuously educating themselves in the latest ground breaking teaching methods as well as the most up to the moment weaponry curriculum. There is an urgency in the air at this school, and all activity is fast paced. This is the school for you if you want the old ways as well as the latest martial arts industry technology. There is no shortage of curriculum here, you have a great variety of skill sets from which to choose. If you are ready to challenge your body as well as your capacity for learning, comprehension, and memory of a vast diversity of weaponry and non weapon skills, this is your school.

The Director of Operations at this school is Master Michael Wegmann, a 6th Degree Black belt. He is one of the youngest instructors in the country to be elevated to Mastership. His portrait is on the left.

Just under 300 black belts have been promoted through this school. Many of them went on to open their own facilities or secured positions in other martial arts schools. The black belts produced here have access to college scholarship programs, work study programs, and Certified Professional Instructor Programs. They can learn how to own and operate a martial arts school in these programs. The work done is this school ensures the posterity of the Taekwondo martial art, by educating young adults about the financial possibilities found in a martial arts career. Leading the way is the job of the chief instructor of this school. Pictured to the right, Mrs. Julia Wegmann, 5th Degree Black Belt, the Chief Instructor at Allen's Taekwondo - Cary.

In one of the most famous books of all times it is written "Without Vision the people will perish." From Allen's Taekwondo Center, came Vision Martial Arts, a local organization of 6 full time, full service martial arts academies. The Vision organization is providing full and part-time employment opportunities to many local martial arts instructors, and is having an impact on the local economy. We had no way of knowing there would be a huge successful organization form as a result of us opening our Cary location, but we knew it was possible. We don't know what will spring forth from the efforts the Vision organization is making. But we have high hopes that something even more substantial will form in the future. One of the people we believe will have an impact on the future of martial arts in our country is Miss Anju Kalagnanam, pictured to the left. She has trained in both Allen's and Visions centers. She is a very young 4th degree black belt, that has chosen Taekwondo Instructor as her career. Our Vision is that she or someone like her will do something great with our martial art.

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