Our Greensboro school was established in 1991 at its current location, 2227 Fleming Rd. The school is modest in size and friendly in atmosphere. Everyone is welcome and everyone is expected to sweat. The workouts get intense and the air of positive accomplishment is ever present. From the youngest to the eldest, all members support and encourage each other. Even though martial arts are individual activities, there is an element of teamwork in our school. We strive for a feeling of family. Members and staff genuinely care about one another. Although it is not a huge multiplex center, many black belts and instructors have been produced here. If you are looking for a school where you can feel "unified as a family, and fulfilled as an individual" this is your school.
2227 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC 27410
Our Workout Area
Our workout area reflects the same motif and layout that traditional Masters have used for years to produce excellent students and instructors. The martial arts have been and should be an apprenticeship in which masters transfer their knowledge to highly motivated and loyal disciples. In this modern era, which forces martial arts instructors to also be good at running a business, we are determined to preserve the mentor-ship relationships of old. Our class sizes are small and the instructors know their students, not just by name, but also by their abilities and challenges. We ensure that while the students are enjoying their training they are also developing physical skills and mental fortitude. And because we know physical skills and mental fortitude are of little value alone, we teach service and compassion. These are the virtues of the masters of old, that were the champions of freedom and justice of the past.
Our master instructor has over 40 years of martial arts training and 35 years of teaching experience.

Under his careful guidance the students of our school grow to become compassionate leaders within and outside of the martial arts community. We invite you to experience our martial art, our school, our support and enthusiasm. It only takes one good decision to change the course of your life. Come let us help you make that decision.
2227 Fleming Road - Greensboro, NC 27410
Our 8th Degree Chief Master instructor has over 40 years of martial arts training and 35 years of teaching experience.
ATA Senior Master Allen - 7th Degree Black Belt
Chief Master Allen
8th Degree Black Belt
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ATA Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee
Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee
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